We are so excited to launch our first collection at Moody. It's been a long time coming. This first collection celebrates happiness. It's often a taboo topic to talk about. Happiness is treated as if it's unattainable or a strange thing to go after. 

What does happiness really mean?

By Definition: Happiness is the state of being happy. 

feeling or showing pleasure or contentment


Why is feeling pleasure so fearsome? Is it because we're afraid it won't last? Are we scared of what seems fleeting?


The Happy Collection #1 is all about being grateful in the moment. It's about being okay with the beautiful moments of pleasure that we are given. It's about acknowledging and making the most of those moments.

Are you brave enough to sit in the feeling of happiness and take ownership of how it impacts you? Are you brave enough to admit that you're having a happy experience? Can you release the inner judgement that may happen as you embrace the frilly, floral, uplifting, fun of happiness?

We're here for you girlfriend. Go ahead and be happy. We fully support it and don't worry, we know life happens but if you can embrace the happy moments they'll be wonderful memories in more trying times.

What is happiness?

Can you embrace yours?

Can you dress it up and celebrate it fearlessly?

At Moody by CM, you have permission to "Be A Whole Mood".

xo - MBCM